gut reset programme

Day 5 of the Gut Reset Bootcamp

Georgina Mitchell, our Wellbeing coach, continues her progress along the Gut Reset Bootcamp.

“In the last five days I have prepared, cooked and thoroughly enjoyed more fresh food than I think I have done in the 12 months prior. 

“I honestly thought I would miss chocolate and coffee SO much more, but in reality I haven’t thought too much about them. The thing I am missing the most is my morning and bedtime cup of tea – white and one, medium to strong – just how I like it, and herbal tea doesn’t come close as a replacement

“I haven’t caved though, even in Whitby when it’s rude not to eat the local fish and chips – instead I ordered grilled fish with no batter or tomato sauce – and thoroughly enjoyed it! I figure it’s all about mindset – I can choose to enjoy this 30 day experience and embrace the heathy choices or spend my time miserable because I can’t eat chocolate. I choose option 1. 

“I’ve had a few headaches from the caffeine withdrawals and I’m struggling to drink the required amount of water but I don’t think that will be a problem when I get back to jumping around like a lunatic next week when gymnastics returns. 

“In general I feel less sluggish, I’m sleeping really well, have lots of energy and my jeans aren’t quite as snug as they were a week ago – I must be doing something right. But the real test will be the next couple of weeks because tomorrow marks the start of the intense detox phase. I’m nervous but excited and ready for the challenge – even if I have to drink copious amounts of ‘pond water’ as one of the supplements has become fondly known!! 

“Wish me luck!” 

Well done Georgie, keep going!

gut reset programme

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