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Festive alternatives to boost your wellbeing

Ideas to take care of your health at Christmas

We get it. Christmas is a time for overindulging and celebrating with your loved ones. While treating yourself can be great for your wellbeing, going OTT can end up having a detrimental impact. We take a look at how you can keep your physical and mental health tip top over the festive season.

Swap binging on booze for a super smoothie 

Men drink around six drinks on Christmas Day, with women tucking into almost five drinks. Indulging on alcohol over the festive period is alright for a one-off event, but don’t keep the drinking going for days on end. Instead, use all your lovely leftover fruit to whip up a tasty smoothie on Boxing Day. It’ll give you the boost you need! Don’t forget to team up your alcoholic drinks with a big glass of water, too, to make sure you stay hydrated. 

Swap unhealthy eats for nutritious treats

Did you know homemade gravy adds a whopping 375 calories to your plate? Your Christmas dinner is worth over 5,200 calories – and you can add to that pudding, chocolatey treats and plenty of snacks throughout the day. While no one is suggesting you scrimp on your main meal, you should know when to cool off on the calories. Why not make a healthy salad using your dinner leftovers, or swap chocolate for fruit and nuts on Boxing Day instead? 

Swap a TV marathon for a real life one

Everyone loves festive TV. It offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy quality time watching a fun programme with friends or family. But being a couch potato can’t last forever! Don’t forget to keep active, even over the festive season. You might be putting it all off so you can commit to a New Year’s Resolution – but don’t! Today’s goals start today. 

Swap your Boxing Day lie-in for an early morning walk

If you’ve had a bit too much to eat and drink on Christmas Day, it’ll be easy to indulge in a lie-in. To provide you with a bit of festive motivation, why not head out for a fresh walk instead? It’s very much a British tradition to enjoy a family walk on Boxing Day, and it’s the perfect excuse to fit in some exercise. 

Swap your Christmas cards for a Christmas conversation

Christmas cards are a great way to show someone you care. But, after such a disconnected and strange year, Christmas is the ideal opportunity to reach out and connect with friends and family. Write a personal note in the card, or follow it up with a phone call to check in on your loved ones. 

Swap pricey presents for homemade gifts

Not everyone expects a big present for Christmas. In fact, most people would prefer a thoughtful, handmade present than something flashy that’s quickly bought online with just one click. Don’t put your financial wellbeing under strain because you’re feeling the pressure to spend big. 

Looking for additional festive wellbeing advice? Our team are always on hand to help. From nutrition experts through to fitness advocates and mental health specialists, the We Are Wellbeing coaches are ideally positioned to help you ensure wellbeing is at the top of your Christmas list.

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