Inspirational start-up businesses and their focus on employee wellbeing

Being a start-up business can be challenging in all the best ways.

It’s time to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (14th – 20th November), with Small Business Saturday on 28th November hot on its heels. We look at some start-up businesses to inspire you…


What they do: Gymshark sells gym clothing

How they support their people: It’s no surprise Gymshark is all about health and wellbeing. The company provides free breakfast and fruit to ensure their people perform their best throughout the day. Regular social extracurricular clubs ensure the team bond both in and outside of work, too. This is vital when trying to maintain a strong company culture within a rapidly growing business. Gymshark works with key partners such as Perkbox, HSBC and Unmind to help support the team’s overall wellbeing. As we know, working with key business partners can make a huge difference. Gymshark are experts in what they do, and they rely on wellbeing experts to do their thing and help Gymshark’s employees.

Social Chain

What they do: Social Chain is a creative social media agency, helping brands to keep at the very top of their game.

How they support their people: With Happiness Managers on board to help ensure employees are satisfied and motivated at work, Social Chain really does go above and beyond to prioritise their people. The company culture thrives as Social Chain genuinely listens to people and adjusts the environment accordingly. Perks include unlimited holidays, free gym membership, a free bar and a even a ballpool but it’s the real focus on company culture that impresses. Employees have access to mortgage advisors and wellbeing experts, so they can make the most of their life both in and outside of work.


What they do: Cleo is a platform that helps to support working families

How they support their people: As you may imagine, a company that helps to support working families is going to be all about its people. The company pays for income protection, an Employee Assistance Programme and additional insurance or medical perks. It also supports its team with flexible hours, parental leave and much more to ensure its family values are instilled by all company employees.


What they do: Monzo is a bank giving its customers complete control from their smartphone

How they support their people: Proactive pay increases, share options and six-monthly pay reviews ensure employees feel financially valued. They also put their people’s wellbeing first, with paid sick leave and health insurance available – plus an Employee Assistance programme. Money isn’t everything, though. Monzo’s team are also encouraged to develop and have access to knowledge-sharing sessions and a learning budget to help their professional growth.

Bloom & Wild

What they do: Bloom & Wild is a flower delivery service

How they support their people: With company values clearly listed on their careers page, it’s clear Bloom & Wild encourages employees to share their vision. The company offers health cash plans, enhanced holiday and parental leave and provides personal development budgets. But there’s more… Bloom & Wild employees are encouraged to really get to know their team. We hear they recently went to Paris together on a team trip and share lunch & learn sessions when everyone’s back in the office.

Rise at Seven

What they do: Rise at Seven is a creative SEO agency

How they support their people: The company offers flexible working, regular social activities and other perks (free pick and mix, anyone?) But it also prioritises its team’s happiness and personal ambitions. Once a year a member of staff is granted a bucket list wish. So they can fulfil their dreams with the help of Rise at Seven. The whole team are also staunch brand advocates, regularly sharing company news and successes on social media.

As you can see, the best employers prioritise their people. Start-up businesses need expertise, talent and plenty of business acumen to ensure they make a splash in their sector.

As Steve Jobs once said… “Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.” Other quotes from business leaders uphold his sentiments, too. You can have a great idea for a new business. But you need great people to help you achieve your goals.

Businesses must understand the value of wellbeing from the very start of their journey. Happy, motivated employees are more likely to perform their best and grow as the business does. Here at We Are Wellbeing, we’re proud to work with a range of businesses. This includes successful start-up businesses through to established organisations and associations. And one thing we’ve learnt is people really do make a business.

If you’d like to work with us to implement an effective wellbeing programme, get in touch with our team.  

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