The Benefits of a Good Leader

We Are Wellbeing’s James Robinson discusses leadership and what can be gained from Leadership Training Courses.


” The world’s top sports people all have coaches to refine their performance and make marginal gains that keep them at the top of their game. Why are we any different?

Being an elite athlete is a job role much in the same way that us mere mortals have roles within our organisation. So, why do we shy away from shining a spotlight on ourselves to help and support us to make improvements in our performance and enjoyment?

I appreciate that we are all different but if someone can show me a more effective way of carrying out a role, I welcome their input with open arms. I am conscious that I don’t know what I don’t know. Also, I have forgotten things that I once knew. We all have… can you remember everything that you learned at school, I know I can’t.

Why Look at Leadership

I think the key thing to consider here is that effective leadership training invites you to reflect on your current practice and isn’t there to put you under scrutiny, criticize or make you someone you aren’t. Far from it.

Many leaders or managers are required to nurture their team alongside a whole host of other plates that they have spinning, which is tough. We all know that in any role the most important or urgent task is prioritised, as part of effective time management, which can often mean that ‘the Team’ goes under the radar. Until things go wrong. Can we maintain them as a priority?

There is no magic formula that guarantees that there will never be any issues with team members but there are proactive methods of working with the team to try to maximise positivity and minimise disruption for all. These methods can be a game changer for both leader and their team and so leadership training becomes essential.

What Do You Want from Leadership Training?

If you decided to formally study Leadership at any educational institution there are many options, most of which explore leadership from an academically rigorous perspective, which is awesome if that is what you want.

However, in your day-to-day role do you really want to be faced with leadership training that delves into the theoretic principles of leadership? Or do you want something that you can relate to, is easy to grasp and implement and can make an actual difference to you and your team the very next day?

What We Forget

We often take for granted the fact that staff come into work and carry out the roles and responsibilities that are assigned to them. We forget that they choose to work with us, they choose to supply their labour. Perhaps we often overlook that they can choose to work elsewhere. We may even be unaware that they are actively trying to work elsewhere.

We cannot force people to work with us, but we can try to ensure that their day-to-day experience is what they want and/or need it to be. We are eager for them to work within their job descriptions but what is the job description that they expect us, as leaders, to follow?

Fun… Really?

Leadership training cannot guarantee that life will be plain sailing for you and your team. It cannot transform your workplace into a ‘Disney-esque’ magical environment of permanent smiles and constant fun.

What it can deliver is a more enjoyable experience for all, whether leader or team member. It can empower staff and leaders to be eager to attack the working day alongside their colleagues. It can help create a workforce where goodwill and going the extra mile is standard but never taken for granted.

When you consider that both you and your team spend a significant proportion of your life at work, don’t you all deserve to maximise your happiness whilst you are there? “


By James Robinson,

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