gut reset programme

The Gut Reset Bootcamp

A message from our Wellbeing coach, Georgina Mitchell who has started a We Are Wellbeing Gut Rest Bootcamp.

“Today is day two of a 30 day Gut Reset Bootcamp I am currently taking part in. I’m not sure if I should be grateful to my bosses at We Are Wellbeing, or cursing them for the opportunity to be a part of this bootcamp, which will if I follow correctly will detox, cleanse and rebalance my gut microbiome and help my body to remove heavy metals and toxins. In summary, I should feel amazing by the end of it, and have challenged some daily habits that are doing me more harm than good. 

“If I was to offer any feedback so early into the programme it would be to not start it on Easter Monday when my house looks like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! My head is currently banging from caffeine withdrawal after consuming as much chocolate, coffee and curry as I could on Sunday night in ‘preparation’?!

“So basically for the next 30 days (28 after today – I’m not counting, promise), I eat clean, healthy foods, drink water or herbal tea only, combined with specific supplements which will help ‘reset’ my gut. I am not usually one to go for bootcamps like this, and if I do my willpower and cravings for anything sweet tend to take over before the first week is out, but this time I committed to seeing the programme through to the end. Maybe it’s out of respect for the people supporting me to do it or maybe I’m doing it in the hope that I might actually fit back into my jeans before summer…or maybe I’d like to see if something can actually help with the many digestive issues and irritable bowel type symptoms I’ve been experiencing for years.

“At worst, I’m going to eat food that will better fuel my body and my mind and give me focus to get through my return to a crazy life as of next week, and at best I may experience some amazing results while curbing my chocoholic tendencies.

“So far the team at Gut Reset have been wonderful and the team who are going on the journey with me seem lovely, each with their own reason why they are doing it. No doubt I will learn lots of new stuff along the way and hopefully create some better habits. I am excited, very scared and a little bit hangry right now but I’m here and I’m doing it.

“Wish me luck!”

For more information or to start your own Gut Reset Bootcamp, contact us at We Are Wellbeing.

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