What is a Wellbeing Champion?

We Are Wellbeing designs and develops wellbeing programmes for businesses all over the UK. We visit offices and deliver a range of seminars, workshops and coaching sessions. Then there’s our annual health checks. We strategically develop programmes that are tailored to each business’s specific requirements. Our experts get to know our customers’ employees and what areas of wellbeing they would like to improve upon most.

Though we’re very much a hands-on wellbeing provider, we can’t be on-site working with your people each and every day. That’s why we train up and inspire a team of Wellbeing Champions to act as health and wellbeing advocates within your business.

What are Wellbeing Champions?

Wellbeing Champions are an extension of the We Are Wellbeing team. Ideally each department within your business will have a dedicated Wellbeing Champion. It’s their job to come up with new, fresh ideas to promote wellbeing within your business and encourage members of the organisation to take part.

The benefit of Wellbeing Champions

Regular visits from the We Are Wellbeing team are a great way to boost awareness of health and wellbeing and inspire change within your organisation. But Wellbeing Champions help to promote our services and encourage people to take part, thus making the most of our time and maximising the benefit of our services.

Having wellbeing advocates within the business is invaluable. They inspire change, empower their team and help promote a positive workplace culture. They could be the first port of call if someone within your business if an employee needed a listening ear or a friendly face. We also encourage Wellbeing Champions to run induction sessions with all new starters to give them a clear overview of the services on offer.

Wellbeing Champion Training

Being a Wellbeing Champion isn’t as simple as receiving a lanyard and being invited to regular meetings to discuss the latest events. We run Wellbeing Champion training sessions to really ensure our champs are confident and educated about their role.

The training ensures champs have basic knowledge of wellbeing concepts, including financial, social, physical and mental wellbeing pillars. It gives them the tools and skills they need to support others in managing their wellbeing and making changes that have a long-lasting positive impact.

We’ll define tasks and responsibilities that suit business needs, whether that be organising on-site wellbeing boards, regular newsletters or monthly staff activities. Understanding why the role is important and how it positively impacts staff wellbeing and workplace culture is key, and our training sessions aim to achieve this.

Who can be a Wellbeing Champion?

Anyone within your business who is passionate about becoming an advocate for health, fitness and wellbeing should have access to Wellbeing Champion training. The role is voluntary but invaluable – creating a network of positivity that runs throughout your business’s departments.

You should find the right balance. Too many Wellbeing Champions, and you’ll be inundated with ideas and opinion and no real way to streamline this enthusiasm effectively. Too few champs, and your existing volunteers will be spread thinly and this will impact your workplace culture. Try to aim for one Wellbeing Champion per department, or per 10-20 members of staff. This will ensure there are enough volunteers to spread the word, encourage members of staff, network effectively and make a real positive difference to your workplace culture.

Wonder what it’s like to be a Wellbeing Champion? Check out an interview with Karl Linnecor here.

For more information about wellbeing training and our services, get in touch with the We Are Wellbeing team.

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