10 best Christmas gifts for someone with diabetes

It’s World Diabetes Day on 14th November. With Christmas just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than to take a look at the best gifts to give a diabetic.

1. Dark chocolate

A controversial choice, we know. However, having diabetes doesn’t mean you can never enjoy a bit of chocolate. Just eat it in moderation, and don’t have too much in one go so it doesn’t impact blood sugar levels. We recommend at least 70% dark chocolate, which makes it easier not to over-indulge in one go.

2. Fruit box subscription

It’s much easier to enjoy healthy snacks if there’s a variety right there for you to choose from. We recommend selecting a small fruit box to be delivered monthly, or every couple of months, to give someone with diabetes the motivation to snack on tasty yet healthy treats.

3. Gym kit

Exercise is an important factor in managing diabetes. Your diabetic gift receiver will love a new piece of gym equipment. If you’re not sure what they’d like most, why not instigate a conversation about fitness to spark inspiration?

4. A bottle of gin

Diabetics generally tend to watch what they drink. Drinks with reduced fruit sugar (fructose) are thought to be the best option – but diabetics should still drink in moderation. A dry spirit such as gin is a great alcoholic gift idea.

5. Fitness watches

Managing diabetes likely means your gift receiver will be used to keeping their health on track. Help them achieve their goals by buying them a fitness watch.

6. Kitchen equipment

Meal planning can be complex for all of us. Making soups, cooking veg perfectly every time and hunting out healthy recipes can be a challenge. From slow cookers to blenders, there’s a mountain of beautifully designed kitchen equipment you can choose from.

7. Choose a book they love

We’re sure your friend or family member already has a bookshelf full of guidance about how best to manage their diabetes. Why not choose a selection of fiction books that will offer them a relaxing activity to enjoy?

8. Tickets to enjoy together

The music and theatre industry has been hit hard by COVID-19. Look to the future and book yourself and your friend a pair of tickets to see live entertainment next year. It’s a great gift idea and will help the creative sector no end, too.

9. Stylish handbags

People with diabetes may have a lot to carry, such as insulin. Help them to travel in style by choosing a practical yet lovely looking handbag or backpack.

10. Spark inspiration with a notebook

We’re a big advocate of journals and using them to write down your thoughts or track elements of your diet. Choose a beautiful notebook which can either be used as a journal or fitness diary.

If you’re looking for a more diabetic-specific present ideas this World Diabetes Day, check out this great article containing helpful gifts for diabetics.

For more advice and information about diabetes and its impact, please contact our expert team of Wellbeing Coaches!

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