UK Healthcare

We Are Wellbeing is delighted to have teamed up with UK Healthcare to bring our clients the leading corporate healthcare cash plan scheme. 

Research shows that health cash plans are the second most popular employee benefit, so why not treat your staff to an immensely useful service that also provides great ROI?

The scheme helps cover your employees’ “day to day” healthcare expenditure such as optical and dental bills. Your staff can claim back 100% of the cost (up to the agreed policy limits) once they have received treatment. This includes everyday treatments such as Optical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Prescriptions and many more.

Health cash plans offer many positive benefits for your employees...

  • Improves staff motivation and morale
  • Ensures your employees stay healthy and happy
  • Addresses the impact of employee absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Can be introduced as a reward for long length of service
  • Encourages staff to get back to work quicker if they’re ill
  • Helps with stress related issues

And provides great business benefits, too!

  • Helps boost your recruitment package, plus retains and rewards staff
  • Offers impressive ROI
  • Improves staff productivity
  • A good tool to use as part of contracts / pay negotiations
  • Supports your duty of care obligations
  • Demonstrates you really care about your workforce

Work with us and receive an exclusive rate

Do you have over 20 employees? We’re delighted to offer our customers an exclusive, market-leading rate on health cash plan schemes with UK Healthcare. If you’d like to take advantage of this great perk, get in touch with the We Are Wellbeing team.

UK Healthcare Testimonial

“The only provider who consistently delivered a friendly, down-to-earth and professional approach. By far the best value for money with high cash levels for relatively low premiums.

One of the most impressive parts to the scheme for both me and from employee feedback has been the way to claim. There is no need for long waits on payments, poor online claiming platforms or hard to reach customer service teams. You have a fantastic easy-to-use online platform that you can make a claim in a few easy minutes and payments are paid back in 2-3 days. I would highly recommend them to any business or organisation.”

Matthew Sedgwick, Recruitment Manager

UK Healthcare

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