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We Are Wellbeing have been successfully delivering corporate wellbeing solutions since 2020. Our clients have enjoyed the many benefits that our bespoke wellbeing services offer. However, we understand that not all workplaces have the time to research all of the options we offer. Not only that, but it can also be challenging to come to a decision on which is the best, most cost-effective solution for employees.

We have recently developed a series of Wellbeing Menus, designed to take the hard work out of finding a recipe for workplace wellbeing success. Our menus have been designed with a solution for everyone. Choosing a package that is right for you is simple. All you need to do is know what budget you have to work with and then simply take your pick from the menu of tried and tested options available.

Corporate Wellbeing Plans for Businesses

Firstly, choose the wellbeing plan which most accurately suits your business. We have four cost-effective options to choose from. Depending on your plan, you are able to select multiple wellbeing services. 

They have been segmented into Starters, Main, Desserts and Sides – supply your workforce of with a balanced range of cost-effective wellbeing solutions.

** If you would like a bespoke wellbeing plan, suited to the needs of your company – please contact us to arrange your custom corporate wellbeing package.

  • Our survey aims to find out how your people feel about wellbeing, what’s important to them and what they will engage with. This report gives us valuable clues as to which areas of wellbeing your business needs to focus on.
  • Access to our pre-recorded webinars, each of our experts discussing the most prevalent wellbeing topics.
  • Access to our exclusive blogs, updated regularly. Our blogs are on everything from diabetes to menopause, often containing facts statistics and helpful step-by-step advice.
  • We can offer quarterly catch ups, it involves discussing the launch of your wellbeing strategy, reviewing the past quarter’s reception and plotting in dates for your wellbeing services.


  • Training for a few of your employees to become your resident wellbeing champions. Wellbeing Champions are advocates of good health practices and wellbeing awareness in your workplace. They will promote a positive work culture and are trained on how to see the see the signs of stress.
  • See our Wellbeing Champions section for more information.
  • A mental health training programme designed to improve the capability of your staff when confronted with a mental health issue. The steps include how to be proactive, what you should look out for, and the appropriate response.
  • Empower your managers to support their teams through better conversations and enhanced emotional support. Teach them how to interact appropriately and healthily with team members. Learn the symptoms of poor mental health and what steps to take in regard to suicide intervention.
  • We Are Wellbeing specialise in the delivery of health checks for your workplace. A one-day on-site screening includes, either, upto thirty short 15 minute health checks, or, upto 16 longer 30 minute essential screenings. What the screenings pertain to is included with our On-site Health Screening information.
  • Following their one-to-one health check, each employee will receive an instant digital report outlining their health results and our professional recommendations. Results are displayed using our easy to understand traffic light reference ranges. Employers will also be able to see the overall trend of their workforce and be able to identify needs.


  • A seminar over live video on any topic of your choice. Our experts are able to deliver a 60-90 minute webinar detailing all your workforce needs to know about how they can improve their wellbeing in a certain area. Be it diet, nutrition, men’s health or suicide awareness, a range of webinar topics are available.
  • Teaching skills via virtual classes; it involves contributing and providing value, celebrating progress, challenge thinking, and crucially growing your association. Within this session, expect to learn how to improve your wellbeing offering and influence peers.
  • We offer a one-off blog writing service. An industry expert, possibly a medical professional, clinician, personal trainer or psychologist, writes a bespoke article for you to post and distribute. This would include insights and also steps to better your employees wellbeing in a specific area.
  • Many businesses look to We Are Wellbeing when writing an award submission, noting our services and how they benefit their staff. We will allow you to detail our services and use our partnership to better any submission for an industry award.


  • We will work with you to develop you business’s wellbeing strategy. We’ll discuss what options are available to you and what will benefit your workforce most.
  • Exclusively for the senior leaders, this workshop will be deliver in a half-day or over a full day. A wellbeing training day comprises of an on-site wellbeing education course, featuring spotting symptoms of poor mental health. For more information on workshops and the topics they can be tailored to cover, see our Corporate Wellbeing Workshop information.
  • Choose members of your team to go to a mental health awareness workshop. This feature both taking care of your own mental health, and what people can do to adapt to the needs of others.
  • An auxiliary webinar from our experts. They are able to deliver a 60-90 minute webinar detailing all your workforce needs to know about how they can improve their wellbeing in a certain area. Ask questions and gain feedback after the live feed.
  • Review the foundations of wellbeing with a We Are Wellbeing representative and see how best they can be implemented into your workplace.
  • Our health and wellbeing coaching service is one of our most respected and well-regarded services. A half-day tenure includes 5 bookable individual sessions where the team member receives a 1-to-1 with a wellbeing expert. The ability to self-manage motivation levels and adopt a dedication to changing one’s lifestyle are all qualities that our health and wellbeing coaches help clients improve.
  • To learn more, review our 1-to-1 wellbeing coaching information.

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