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The benefits of 1:1 wellbeing coaching

Receiving expert advice is invaluable for those looking to improve their wellbeing. Attending seminars, reading wellbeing articles and going along to group classes can all contribute positively.

But, for some, being part of a large group isn’t as encouraging. It may be individuals feel more pressure when surrounded by a group, or don’t feel able to contribute or be as open.

That’s why 1:1 wellbeing coaching can be beneficial. Individual support and encouragement can help people to create behavioural change. That will therefore help to have a meaningful, long lasting impact on an individual’s lifestyle.  

What types of coaching is available?

The We Are Wellbeing team includes a variety of wellbeing experts, each of which are knowledgeable about specific areas of wellbeing. Our Associate Coaches are available to deliver 1:1 coaching sessions for individuals or employees looking for additional help.

Personal training can be beneficial for those who find group exercises, or going to the gym, a little daunting. Our coaches can help you to achieve your fitness coals through training and personalised exercise regimes. You may want to lose weight, improve your cardiovascular health or build up your muscles. Whatever your goal, tailored support will help you get there.

Online diet plans, weight loss books and health apps work for many people. But, for others, knowing where to start can be a minefield. Our coaches have experience in devising bespoke nutrition plans. These specifically suit you and your own goals. But the coaching doesn’t stop there! 1:1 sessions also enable you to set achievable goals and hold yourself accountable. Many people find it helpful to check in with someone else, motivating them to continue improving and making long-lasting change. Giving up is so much easier when there’s no one cheering you on.

Wellbeing is personal. Talking about private issues in a group (particularly with employees) can be uncomfortable for some. Receiving wellbeing coaching 1:1 allows people the opportunity to be completely open, discussing their issues privately and confidentially. Coaching is available on managing stress, anxiety and depression. In additional, advice on how to combat social isolation or how to manage your finances successfully can be delivered 1:1.

The benefits of 1:1 wellbeing coaching

There are many benefits of additional 1:1 wellbeing coaching. Coaching sessions can also be teamed up with a comprehensive wellbeing programme including group seminars or classes.

  • It’s personal

Only discuss the issues and topics relevant to you

  • It’s bespoke

Receive tailored advice and information

  • It’s private

Speak candidly and confidentially with your coach

  • It’s motivating

Hold yourself accountable with regular appointments and goal setting

  • It has a long-lasting impact

Other services can inspire change, but coaching can help you make real changes to your lifestyle

  • It’s comprehensive

The support available, and the way in which that support is delivered, is more intensive

  • It’s efficient

Busy individuals can arrange a session at a time that suits them, rather than being given a specific time slot for a group activity

  • It’s focussed

All the attention is on you. Therefore individuals are more likely to commit to the sessions

  • It’s flexible

Those who enjoy group activities can still take part in seminars, whilst they are by additional coaching

If you prefer group coaching – that’s fine! Seminars, group classes and activities are all readily available for individuals and colleagues to get together and share an experience. 1:1 coaching doesn’t have to be an “instead of” – it can supplement a wider wellbeing programme.

Looking for additional support?

We work with both individuals and employers to deliver bespoke wellbeing programmes. For more information about our coaches and their experience, please check out our meet the team page!

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