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Andy has over 18 years’ experience working in the health and wellbeing industry in both corporate and commercial sectors.

You’ll most likely spot Andy running Senior Leader / Manager Training sessions or running Executive Health Screenings.

Andy Romero-Birkbeck

Founder & Director
Victoria is a Company Director within the Romero Group, and a strong advocate for wellbeing in the workplace.

She has a law degree and diploma in insurance, so she brings a wealth of financial expertise to the team.

Victoria Romero-Birkbeck

Rachael is a full Qualified Personal Trainer with a passion for Wellbeing. Having spent 10 years running a commercial business and acknowledging the need for a kinder workplace she made the transition into Cooperate Wellbeing. Her passion and drive mean WAW are constantly growing and developing new ideas and content.

Rachael Galvin

Client Success Manager
Andrew has been a Consultant Clinical Psychologist since 2006 and has worked in both adult and child Clinical Health Psychology settings since 2000. He is the ex-President of the BABCP, the lead organisation for CBT in the UK.

Dr Andrew Beck

Director of Psychology
After two decades in the corporate sector, a combination of ill health, bereavement and lack of work-life balance, resulted in Julie visiting a nutritionist to see how she could help herself with chronic pain.

Witnessing the power of simple nutritional and lifestyle changes re-ignited a lifelong passion for food and biology resulting in her re-training as a nutritionist.

Julie Pichler

Nutrition Coach
Sam is a highly experienced Consultant Physician specialising in Acute General Medicine. As our Medical Director Sam oversees our Health Assessment offering and clinical content.

Dr Sam Khan

Medical Director
Georgina is passionate about all things health and wellbeing and has successfully run gymnastics clubs both here in the UK & in Australia.

Georgina Mitchell

Business Manager
Dom is a Registered Associate Nutritionist, personal trainer and health professional, who's passionate about helping people to improve their short and long term health prospects through education by dispelling common myths and help people make simple, yet significant changes that are maintainable.

Dom Haigh

Nutrition Coach
Chris helps businesses become more aware of the bespoke needs and support required by LGBTQ+ members of staff.

This enables organisations to promote, encourage and support diversity in the workplace.

Chris Hulme

Associate Wellbeing Coach
Rachel Letham is a positive mindset and wellbeing coach. Having had a very successful 13 year career in senior positions in the produce industry, Rachel has experience in growing businesses and managing operational success.

Rachel helps clients build a positive mindset, gaining clarity in their direction and purpose using various tools.

Rachel Letham

Associate Trainer
Kathryn spent nearly a decade in the food industry, but always had a passion for exercise and nutrition. With a strong interest in workplace wellness, she retrained as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, focusing on women's health. Coming from a corporate background, she understands the power of small lifestyle and behaviour changes.

Kathryn Gill

Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Shakira is a fully qualified personal trainer & Hula Fitness Instructor. She has over 8 years' experience in the fitness industry, and specialises in empowering women to build confidence, strength & rebalance their fitness mindset.

Shakira Taylor

Fitness Coach
Gill Jackson is an award winning therapeutic counsellor, psychotherapist and accredited mentor. Gill runs her own private Therapeutic Counselling practice supporting adults, young adults and couples/families with a range of mental health and relationship difficulties.

Gill Jackson

Therapeutic Counsellor

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