Wellbeing is important.

That’s why our team have dedicated their careers to improving the lives
of others through the delivery of seminars, health checks and training

But why does wellbeing matter so much to corporate businesses?

We’ve collated some of our favourite stats to help bring the importance
of wellbeing into sharp focus.

Depression is the leading cause of disability world-wide (WHO)

More than 15.4 million working days are lost as a result of stress, anxiety and depression (HSE)

45% of companies have a health and wellbeing strategy in place (REBA)

61% of employees have experienced mental health issues due to work (The Prince’s Responsible Business Network)

34% of employees state that their financial situation affects their mental health (The Prince’s Responsible Business Network)

65% of managers feel confident about responding to depression

Better wellbeing at work has an overall ROI of £2.37 for every £1 invested in the programme (Public Health England)

30% of managers say their organisation don’t have the range of workplace services to support employee wellbeing (The Prince’s Responsible Business Network)

Absence due to mental health has risen by around 5% since 2009 (Office for National Statistics)

Poor mental health costs employers up to £42 billion a year (Deloitte)

50% of employees won’t discuss mental health with their line manager (Business in the Community)

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