Corporate Wellbeing Workshops and Seminars

We Are Wellbeing specialises in the delivery of on-site wellbeing workshops and seminars. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality corporate wellness workshops, using relevant and current content that engages and inspires. Our mission is to create positive and lasting change within your business’s corporate wellness.

Wellbeing Workshops
(2 - 6 Hours)

Our workshops are delivered in half-a-day or over a full day, and can be in-person or online. All our workshops are CPD accredited.

We can deliver expert workshops on most, if not all, corporate wellbeing topics – Check out our long list of wellness topics below.

Wellbeing seminars
(60 - 90 Minutes)

Our range of interactive seminars have been designed specifically for employees. They aim to give insight into a specific wellbeing-related topic and provide actionable goals. 

We have over 50 interactive sessions which all last for 60 – 90 minutes. We use online platforms such as Teams to deliver quick and informative wellness seminars from our range of experts.

Topics include:

All sessions can be delivered in-person or online by our team of associate experts. If you can’t find the exact wellness topic you want to target? Contact us, and we’ll ask an expert to create a bespoke course just for you.

Understanding Stress

Building Resilience

Positive Psychology

Introducing Mental Health

Better Sleep

Improving Energy Levels


Behaviour Change & Goal Setting

Healthy Eating

Understanding Diabetes

Understanding CVD

Gut Health

Financial Wellbeing

Weight Management

Physical Activity

Active Ageing

Understanding Menopause

Back & Joint Care

Women's Health

Men's Health

What is a Corporate Wellbeing Workshop?

A corporate wellbeing workshop is an on-site wellbeing education course, taking place over a half-day or day. It is an interactive lesson which teaches your employees and managers all about your chosen corporate wellness subject. Whether it’s a half-day talk on building resilience, or a full day workshop on how to implement Wellbeing Champions into your workplace; we’ve got the wellness workshop for you.

Half Day

Our half-day workshops give managers and Wellbeing Champions within your organisation valuable insight into a specific area of wellbeing. They are then able to cascade this information to every level of your business.

Mental Health Awareness : Suicide Prevention

Support your employees’ health by learning techniques and exercises to improve sleep, enhance general health and increase awareness of suicide signals.

Building resilience

Support employees to bounce back during times of difficulty and high demand with our resilience training.


Self-care is fundamental to wellbeing. Before we try and support others, we must ensure we have the tools to look after ourselves. This workshop builds self confidence and offers advice and techniques to improve self-care.

Full Day

We Are Wellbeing specialises in the delivery of on-site wellbeing training, workshops and seminars. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality training with relevant and current content that engages and inspires delegates to create positive and lasting change.

Manager training

Empower your managers to support their teams through better conversations and enhanced emotional support. Teach them how to interact appropriately and healthily with team members. Learn the symptoms of poor mental health and what steps to take in regard to suicide intervention.

Champions training

Creating a network of Wellbeing Champions will support your organisation to truly create an inclusive wellbeing culture. When the We Are Wellbeing team aren’t onsite, your Champions will pick up on key actions. This will ensure the wellbeing undercurrent continues to run throughout the foundation of your business. 

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