Health and Wellbeing Coaching​

Wellbeing Coaching is and always has been at the heart of our business. When an individual employee needs additional support, our team of experts can step in to support the individual with creating healthier habits through behavioural change.

We understand that creating behavioural change can be a difficult process. In addition to our extensive workplace wellbeing services, our expert coaches also provide a range of 1-to-1 services for employees who need a little extra support.

What is Health and Wellbeing Coaching?

Online or in person

The ability to self-manage motivation levels and adopt a dedication to changing one’s lifestyle are all qualities that health and wellbeing coaches help clients improve. Our coaches specialise in behaviour change and work with individuals to develop individualised objectives and alter their behaviour in order to improve health-related outcomes.

From fitness to sleep, goal setting to anxiety management, a 1 to 1 coaching session with one of our specialists could change the life of an employee. There is no better way to immediately affect and improve the overall lifestyle of individuals within a business.

How do We Are Wellbeing perform Health and Wellbeing Coaching?

Our experts are available to offer individual wellbeing coaching, from advice on managing stress, anxiety and depression right through to combating social isolation and achieving financial security.

1. Listening to the individual

Everything we do I centred around the individual and their personal needs.

2. Motivational Interviewing

Asking the right questions supports employees to come up with their own solution.

3. 8x6 Principal
Goal Setting

Realistic goal setting supports achievement and continued success.

4. Accountability Follow-ups

Short term follow-ups ensure retention and accountability are in place.

These are our four principles of Wellbeing Coaching. We believe by following these four principles, we can exact change within individuals of a business. Most importantly, our coaches listen to each individual’s specific problem and then offer tailored advice. Outcomes of these coaching sessions include a proactive workforce and a happier, healthier team.

Meet Our Coaches

Pricing and Delivery of Health and Wellbeing Coaching

We are able to offer 1 to 1 coaching both online and in person at your place of work. We offer full day sessions, catering to nine individuals over a working day, or half-day sessions, as well as single sessions for one individual. Our coaches are all experienced, qualified and insured to provide appropriate support and professional recommendations in their related field.

Contact us to receive a detailed overview of our pricing structure.

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