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Wellbeing Discounts

Up to 10% discount on a wide range of on-demand services, explore our We Are Wellbeing online store. In store we have a range of effective products available, including Wellness profiles, blood and allergy tests, physical therapy consultations and vitamin boosters.

Wellbeing Insights Survey

We will identify how your team views their health and wellbeing, learn the difficulties your team are facing and what support is required. If your team are struggling with mental health or focus in the workplace, we can offer seminars, webinars and products to get them back on their feet.

Wellbeing Insights Series

Use our pre-recorded webinars to educate you and your team on a range of topics; mental health, better sleep, healthy eating and building resilience. Our series will be updated throughout the year with new and exciting motives to keep you up-to-date and your team on-the-ball.

Wellbeing Insights Library

Additional exclusive insights available only to partners. As well as the free insights on our blog page, we also offer specialist pieces written by experts within the industry. From finance to motivation, learn from the best and excel beyond the rest.

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