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What is Menopause Awareness Month?

Shakira Taylor, We Are Wellbeing’s Fitness Coach, introduces us to Menopause Awareness Month and answers commonly asked questions surrounding menopause in the workplace. When is Menopause Awareness Month? Menopause Awareness

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women office
What is Menopause Awareness Month?
Shakira Taylor, We Are Wellbeing’s Fitness Coach, introduces us to Menopause Awareness Month and...
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Dealing With Grief
Grief is a universal human experience that accompanies loss; be it the passing of a loved one, the end...
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rainy days
5 Ways to Embrace Rainy Days
Ah, the rain – nature’s way of nourishing the earth and providing a tranquil ambiance. However,...
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social wellbeing at work
How to improve social wellbeing at work
By Dr Kirsty Gardiner, Associate Trainer or WAW and Social Wellbeing Expert. Our daily lives are filled...
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Gardening blog image
Health Benefits of Gardening
Gardening has been a popular hobby for centuries, and for good reason. Not only does it provide a source...
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gluten free CD Blog
Living well with Coeliac Disease
Coeliac disease is a relatively common condition that affects the digestive system of individuals, causing...
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mental health
Looking at Loneliness - Mental Health Awareness Week
Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 taking place between the 15th and 21st May, and will highlight the...
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Healthy Ageing: The Importance of Weight Training
By Matthew McArdle, Associate Trainer for WAW, Physiotherapist and Advanced Personal Trainer. In most...
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Achieving Happiness
Ultimate Keys to Achieving Happiness
By Gill Jackson, Associate Trainer for WAW and registered Therapeutic Counsellor. Why do we celebrate...
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Nutrition in the workplace
Why is Nutrition Important in the Workplace?
By Julie Pichler, Associate Trainer for WAW and registered Nutritional Therapist. We might think of...
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Hosting Heart Month in the Workplace
February is National Heart Month, a time when we should remind ourselves and others about the importance...
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Curbing the Cost of the Gluten-Free Diet in a Cost of Living Crisis
Whether you are living on a gluten-free diet or not, saving pennies during the current cost of living...
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Obesity: what does it really mean?
Vanessa Quarmby, We Are Wellbeing’s Dietician, shares an insight into Obesity through answering...
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How to Manage stress at work
Dr Andrew Beck, our Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Director of Mental Health at We Are Wellbeing,...
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How much should I drink this Christmas?
How to manage your alcohol during the festive period? Whatever your tipple of choice, many of us enjoy...
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The importance of Movember
By Gill Jackson Associate Trainer for WAW and qualified Psychotherapist. In recent years the suicide...
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leisure sickness
Why do I get sick when I relax?
Julie Pichler, We Are Wellbeing Nutrition Coach, provides advice on work related stress and how to ensure...
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worklife balance
What is National Work Life Week?
Kathryn Brown, Fitness and Nutrition Coach at We Are Wellbeing, introduces us to Work Life Week and how...
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waste blog
What to Expect As An Employer from Our Workplace Health Checks
What Employers Gain From a Workplace Health Check Workplace health checks are a core part of our offering...
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De-mystifying health checks
Workplace health checks are a core part of what we do, but lots of people we talk to worry that they’re...
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How to know if you have Gym Anxiety?
Ben Richardson at We Are Wellbeing runs us through the issue of gym anxiety and how to escape, what he...
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suicide prevention
Suicide Prevention Day
Gill Jackson, Associate Trainer for WAW and qualified Psychotherapist, details Suicide Prevention Day...
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WAW sunflower
How to keep cool in summer through mindfulness
Rachel Letham, Associate Trainer at We Are Wellbeing, explains how the simple act of breathing can become...
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Should I try intermittent fasting?
With obesity continuing to rise, a popular alternative to counting calories to lose weight has been choosing...
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social situations
Navigating post-Covid social plans
We Are Wellbeing’s Fitness and Nutrition coach Kathryn Brown runs us through her five essential...
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sef care
Why Self Care Every Day Matters
Rachel Letham, Associate Trainer at We Are Wellbeing, explains why self care needs to include a lifestyle...
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pink triangle
Bravery and Pride Month
Following Holocaust memorial day 2022 and as a precursor to LGBT+ history month, Christopher Hulme recounts...
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Symptoms of Diabetes – Itching and Infection
What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a serious lifelong condition where the level of blood glucose is too...
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How Breathing Control benefits wellbeing
Rachel Letham, Associate Trainer at We Are Wellbeing, explains how the simple act of breathing can become...
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leadership article
The Benefits of a Good Leader
We Are Wellbeing’s James Robinson discusses leadership and what can be gained from Leadership Training...
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How to Make the Most of the Sun this Summer
Kathryn Brown, Fitness and Nutrition Coach at We Are Wellbeing, talks to us about the delights and dangers...
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7 tips for a Healthy Gut
Understanding gut health can be a lot to digest Your digestive system breaks down the food that you...
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3 easy ways to bring meditation into your life
Rachel Letham, Associate Trainer at We Are Wellbeing, provides three tips on how to increase our mindfulness...
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3 Techniques for Managing Your Stress
Stress awareness and three techniques to help manage stress Stress is all around us and it’s not something...
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10 reasons why walking is good for you
What is Walk To Work Day? We all know that movement is good for us, but things often get in the way...
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Achieving Better Sleep on #WorldSleepDay
How to Achieve Better Sleep Friday 18th March 2022 marks this year’s #WorldSleepDay. A day created...
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Why is Gut Health and Hydration important?
Ask yourself this question.. How important is the spinal cord to us? If you answered with the word ‘very’...
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How to start new habits for spring
Build new Self-Care habits in time for spring We all need self care at any stage of our life, but more...
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be kind
How to fall in love... with yourself
Falling in Love with yourself … A journey of self-love. “I tend to be most interested in the kinds...
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kids eating
How to get the kids to eat better
Healthy Foods equals Happy Eating, which equals Less Stress Our resident physiotherapist and musculoskeletal...
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Setting smart goals to accomplish this year
Setting SMARTer Goals January is a great time to set new goals for the year ahead, get clear on your...
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winter wellbeing 2
Wellbeing and Mental Health challenges in Winter
Colder weather and shorter days lead to a natural feeling of wanting to comfort ourselves. For many this...
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winter wellbeing
What can we do to improve our wellbeing through winter?
3 easy ways to improve your mental wellbeing this winter: Food Think about food choices: Plan...
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Christmas dinner
Festive alternatives to boost your wellbeing
Keep your wellbeing on track this Christmas with our seasonal swaps.
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visual-stories-micheile-PsyXsow6ZQA-unsplash (3)
Address your Stress in 1, 2, 3.
Finding the Balance Work schedules, family commitments and the general busy-ness of life can leave...
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blood sugar levels (1)
World Diabetes Day - What is Blood Sugar Level Awareness?
With World Diabetes Day approaching on the 14th November, we turn the spotlight on disease prevention...
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aaron-burden-CKlHKtCJZKk-unsplash (1)
5 Practices to Boost Mental Health
October starts with World Mental Health Day on October 10th And although you might not necessarily...
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patrick-perkins-hmcy-ikx8kk-unsplash (1)
Embracing Eco Therapy
Do you remember the scene in the Shawshank Redemption where Andy played by Tim Robbins is visualising...
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katie-moum-kKtD7ZsgE0U-unsplash (1)
Suicide and Mental Health Blog
More than 700,000 people die world wide from suicide every year. Every suicide is a tragedy that affects...
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Vitamin B12 and Winter
With autumn and winter just around the corner it’s that time of year when many people notice a drop in...
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MicrosoftTeams-image (1)
Swapping the takeaway for a fakeaway
Over the last 18 months, there’s been rapid growth in the food delivery market, prompted by restaurant...
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belinda-fewings-foWXTrjbirk-unsplash (1)
Why Should We Meditate and Take Time to Connect with The Self
I get it, when you think meditation, you think of buddha, monks and people sat in a funny position, staring...
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bath girl
Self Care with the change in season
Rachel Letham, Associate Trainer at We Are Wellbeing, discusses why self care is so important as we move...
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mirror 2
Why building your self-awareness can help to boost your business success?
Self-awareness can be defined as having a clear understanding of your personality, including your beliefs...
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Why are relationships at work important?
We all know that work isn’t just about completing the tasks at hand. It’s about collaborating and...
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diogo-nunes-_gnlBfxCL4A-unsplash (1)
How to start socially reconnecting
Answer: By giving yourself grace and space The world is opening up, slowly we are emerging, like a...
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charisse-kenion-tWe8ib-cnXY-unsplash (1)
World Chocolate Day: The health benefits of chocolate
World chocolate day celebrates this delicious, healthy and irreplaceable treat! Chocolate is made from...
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lucas-favre-KfZn-qm8T0s-unsplash (1)
What are the signs and symptoms of low testosterone
What is testosterone? Testosterone is a hormone present in both male and females – men having...
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tim-marshall-K2u71wv2eI4-unsplash (1)
What are the main diseases affecting Men's Health?
On average, men see a GP less than half as much as women do! Often ageing can trick men into thinking...
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john-hernandez-svmVoAaa4lI-unsplash (1)
What Does "Wellbeing" Mean?
World Wellbeing Week – 21st-30th June This month features World Wellbeing Week, a series of events...
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Diabetes Awareness Week
Diabetes is a growing problem in the UK, with 4.9 million sufferers, and a further 13.6 million currently...
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The importance of Pride
Pride is well-known across the world as a significant movement showcasing support for the LGBT+ community....
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Does Food affect your Mood?
It turns out that old saying, “You are what you eat,” was right!
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Coeliac Awareness Week
It’s Coeliac Awareness Week from the 10th to the 16th May. Gluten free diets are now common parlance....
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gut reset programme
Finishing 30 Days Of The Gut Reset Bootcamp
We congratulate Georgina Mitchell, our Wellbeing coach, on her completion of the Gut Reset...
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sage-friedman-HS5CLnQbCOc-unsplash (1)
How to use meditation to begin your mindfulness practice
Rachel Letham, our resident success coach, talks us through the importance of mindfulness and how meditation...
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stress 2
What are the symptoms of Stress - How to Spot and Avoid
The month of April has been designated Stress Awareness Month. We Are Wellbeing's team of physios and...
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gut reset programme
Day 5 of the Gut Reset Bootcamp
In the last five days I have prepared, cooked and thoroughly enjoyed more fresh food than I think I have...
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gym equipment
Getting back to the gym, post-lockdown
Fitness expert Chris Watts shares advice on heading back to the gym after lockdown.
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gut reset programme
The Gut Reset Bootcamp
A message from our Wellbeing coach, Georgina Mitchell who has started a We Are Wellbeing Gut Rest Bootcamp. “Today...
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ibs 860
Irritable bowel syndrome awareness month
April is IBS awareness month, and chances are you know someone who suffers, so let’s take a closer look...
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How to increase your resistance to stress
Stressed is just desserts spelt backwards …but before we all go reaching for the chocolate mousse...
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gift-habeshaw-Of8C-QHqagM-unsplash sm
April 2021 is Stress Awareness Month
Stress awareness month has been held every April since 1992, helping to increase public awareness about...
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pexels-yogendra-singh-1466852 sm
Walk all over cancer - Let's get walking and moving!
Cancer Research UK are running a campaign through March to encourage us to walk 10,000 steps a day to...
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3 powerful ways to give your sleep routine a boost
Our resident success coach, Rachel Letham, teaches us three ways to combat tiredness and improve our...
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How much Protein do I need?
Protein has become a bit of a buzzword in health and fitness, and food manufacturers are responding to...
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Sleep – it’s a biological essential!
A lack of sleep is clearly having an impact on us as a society. So why is it so important to us and what...
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jennifer-burk-ECXB0YAZ_zU-unsplash (1)
How to spot an eating disorder
Julie Pichler (MBANT), our newly-appointed resident expert nutritionist, advises on eating disorder awareness...
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walk for wellbeing
Walk for your wellbeing
A regular trot around the block helps lower cholesterol, relieve joint pain, reduce risk of heart disease...
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The impacts of Lockdown on the LGBT+ community and how to cope
Christopher Hulme; our lead LGBT+ studies, diversity and terminology expert; discusses how the changing...
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How To Cope With Change In The Workplace
Matthew McArdle, our resident physiotherapist and musculoskeletal health and injury rehab expert, discusses...
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What are the effects of masculine ideals on LGBT+ members
Christopher Hulme broaches the issue of generational learned homophobia and speaks on his own experience...
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blue monday
What is Blue Monday and how to overcome it?
The third week in January brings with it Blue Monday. This is the time where commitment to resolutions...
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Festive finance advice - how to manage your spending this Christmas
We offer top tips on how to manage your finances this winter.
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All I want for Christmas... top gifts to improve your wellbeing
Looking for the best wellbeing gifts? Here are some great ideas.
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Alcohol Awareness Week: How to support your employees
We're marking Alcohol Awareness Week by discussing ways employers can support their team.
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10 best Christmas gifts for someone with diabetes
We're getting ready for World Diabetes Day by taking a look at some great gift ideas.
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Making Motivation and Willpower Work for You.
Chris Watts shares advise on how to improve your motivation and willpower.
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Inspirational start-up businesses and their focus on employee wellbeing
To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week we're looking at start-up businesses who put their people first!...
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vegan diet
Planning a vegan diet: getting the nutrients you need
This World Vegan Day, we're discussing the best way to get the nutrients you need when you choose a vegan...
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Spider on a web
Overcome your fears this Halloween: The difference between fears and phobias, and how to overcome them.
What is a phobia, what causes them and what treatment is available?
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Unconscious behaviours that could be harmful to your employees
Associate Wellbeing Coach, Christopher Hulme, offers advice and insight on unconscious behaviours that...
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All about your pension
S & K Berry Associates Ltd provide expert advice on the importance of pensions.
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Celebrating World Mental Health Day
Our team share their thoughts on what mental health means to them.
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National Cholesterol Month: Debunking the myths about Cholesterol
We help you to debunk some of the common misunderstandings about Cholesterol.
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Facts About Breast Cancer
Our Director of Wellbeing, Sue Jones, addresses some of the key questions surrounding breast cancer....
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Spotting mental health symptoms
Find out what mental health symptoms you should look out for, and how to support your team.
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Building employee resilience in the workplace
Here are our top tips to help employees build professional resilience.
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A woman in a blazer delivering 1:1 wellbeing coaching
The benefits of 1:1 wellbeing coaching
What is 1:1 wellbeing coaching and why is it so effective? Here's all you need to know.
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Man with a migraine working on a laptop
Migraine Awareness Week – More than ‘just a headache’
It's Migraine Awareness Week from 6th - 12th September. How can employers and colleagues help to support...
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