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How Breathing Control benefits wellbeing

Rachel Letham, Associate Trainer at We Are Wellbeing, explains how the simple act of breathing can become a powerful and welcome exercise tool. Breathing is a basic physiological need we have to maintain in order to survive and I believe

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The Benefits of a Good Leader

We Are Wellbeing’s James Robinson discusses leadership and what can be gained from Leadership Training Courses. *** ” The world’s top sports people all have coaches to refine their performance and make marginal gains that keep them at the top

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7 tips for a Healthy Gut

Understanding gut health can be a lot to digest Your digestive system breaks down the food that you eat into essential nutrients that your body needs. Sometimes this process doesn’t run very smoothly, which can cause stomach aches, gas, constipation,

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3 easy ways to bring meditation into your life

Rachel Letham, Associate Trainer at We Are Wellbeing, provides three tips on how to increase our mindfulness and reduce stress: World Meditation Day Meditation and mindfulness are the buzz words of the moment. World Meditation Day is on May 21st,

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3 Techniques for Managing Your Stress

Stress awareness and three techniques to help manage stress Stress is all around us and it’s not something that we can truly eradicate in our lives because one stressor to one person is another’s stimuli. Therefore, it is important to

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