On-site Health Screening

We Are Wellbeing specialise in the delivery of onsite health and wellbeing screening. Our Wellbeing Coaches have been trained to complete a wide range of non-invasive assessments to identify the current health status of our clients and provide personalised health and lifestyle recommendations. On-site employee health assessments are a fantastic way to support your people to take control of their manageable health but to also identify key trends within your workforce that could be contributing to physical and mental ill health.

What is an On-site Health Screening?

An onsite health screening is a health check conducted at your place of work. Employees can each receive a workplace health assessment, checking their BMI, blood pressure hydration and strength. Our health check, conducted by trained health coaches, is very well-received and can uncover unknown deficiencies such as iron or vitamins.

We Are Wellbeing’s on-site health screenings can be delivered as a 15 minute baseline session, 30 minute essential session, 30 minute transformative session or a 60 minute complete session. Review the chart below to see what each screening comprises of and which would be most useful to your colleagues.

Knowing and understanding the health of employees is essential to the wellbeing of your business as a whole. A healthy employee is a happy employee, and happy productive workplaces are what we are helping manager to sustain.

What is included in a Workplace Health Screening?

We offer four levels of on-site health check ranging from our 15 minute Healthy Heart Check to our comprehensive 90 minute Executive Screen. All of our Health Checks are delivered by our team of qualified, experienced and fully insured Wellbeing Coaches.

15 Min
Per Check

20 Min
Per Check

30 Min
Per Check

60 Min
Per Check

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Learn what happens in a Workplace Health Check with We Are Wellbeing's Rachel Galvin

Rachel supports on many of our wellbeing services, including there creation and implementation.

Founder Andy Romero-Birkbeck explains what happens during a Workplace Health Check with We Are Wellbeing

Learn more about We Are Welllbeing’s services by contacting Andy. Andy leads on the creation and implementation of all of our services.

Alternative Executive Screening

If you’re looking for something extra special, our Medical Director and Consultant Physician, Dr Sam Khan, will be able to run your session. This 120 minute comprehensive health assessment is more in-depth than our more popular offerings, and typically is split over two sessions.

During this session, you will have an opportunity to voice any of your concerns about your health and have an in-depth conversation with one of our expert medical consultants. It involves a biochemistry profile as well as full blood profile and lifestyle survey.

This is the most comprehensive wellbeing check we offer and will encompass all your needs, resulting in a 8×6 plan to set you or your employee on track to wellbeing success.

Dr Sam Khan
Medical Director and Consultant Physician

On-site Health Screening Reports

Following their one-to-one health check, each employee will receive an instant digital report outlining their health results and our professional recommendations. Results are displayed using our easy to understand traffic light reference ranges.

On completion of your company health screening delivery we will provide you with a comprehensive, anonymised results report which can be used to track trends and identify needs for targeted wellbeing interventions.

See a health check in action

We recently sat down with health-check expert, Rachael, to de-mystify a workplace health-check, and show the simple steps to improving your employees’ health!

If you need further explanation about what each test involves and their importance, please contact our team. Essentially, each test provides specific insights into your health and how your vital organs are functioning. Test results can flag if and how you are at risk of heart or lung disease, offering plenty of chance to make lifestyle changes to prevent further complications. Prevention is much better than trying to find a cure, after all. 

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