Management Training: Wellbeing At Work

In a recent study by The Workforce Institute, 69% of people reported that their managers had the greatest impact on their mental health. This was more than the impact of their doctor (51%) or therapist (41%).

At We Are Wellbeing, we offer a range of support for managers or employees who wish to grow into a new role. This education includes 1-2-1 training, CPD certified courses, webinars and workshops. See what our clients say about our manager training services as well as why we believe it’s important businesses gift education to ensure they follow HSE management standards.

Why businesses should train their managers?

In many organisations people become managers as a result of being good at their job, long service or promotion for reward. Unfortunately, this results in some people becoming managers without the proper skills and knowledge to support their teams.

A 2023 study found: The number one reason why staff leave their job is because of a bad manager. This out paced other key reasons why people quit, which included; lack of opportunity, poor compensation, work-life balance, a toxic culture, and low job security. Therefore to rally retention figures, business should look to educate and improve their managers.

Two in five employees have left a job because of a bad manager, finds poll. Bosses have been noted as; ignorant, incompetent, ruthless or closed off. We Are Wellbeing manager training aims to tackle each of these archetypal issues by improving awareness and competence in line with HSE Management Standards.

What are the HSE's Management Standards?

The Health and Safety Executive have identified 6 standards that need to be managed well in order to reduce and control work related stress. These 6 standards are:

  1. Demand
  2. Control
  3. Support
  4. Relationships
  5. Role
  6. Change

Managers can support their team to thrive by supporting them using the ACE approach. This helps them to spot achievement, improve their closeness to others, and assess the enjoyment in what they do.

Founder, Andy Romero-Birkbeck explains
Wellbeing Manager Training with We Are Wellbeing

Management Training Services from We Are Wellbeing

We offer a range of education options which can be implemented at your place of work, or at ours, or online. These education options vary in scope, depth and accreditation level. 

See what training your businesses can access to start investing in your managers across your workplaces:

CPD Certified Manager Training

1 x 7 hour session or
multiple online sessions

Management Training Webinars

1 x 60 minute
session online

CPD Certified Training for Managers

A CPD certified course means it has been approved by the official Continuing Professional Development organisation. This is a valuable investment, recognised by employers worldwide.

Would you prefer to do it all in one day or space it out over a set time period? To make our training more accessible to your teams, we are now able deliver it in three ways:

In Person
7 Hour Training Course

2 x 3 Hour Workshop

4 x 90 Minute Workshop

What is covered in the CPD manager training course?

  • Introduction To Wellbeing
  • Role of a Manager
  • HSE Management Standards
  • Pressure vs Stress
  • Stress and Burnout
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Reasonable Adjustments
  • The Conversation
  • Signposting For Support
  • Evidence Based Tools
  • Wellbeing Action Plans
  • Using The Toolbox

What are the advantages of undergoing management training?

  • Managing Workload – Manager training equips individuals with essential skills to effectively manage workloads within their teams. By learning how to prioritise tasks, delegate responsibilities, and allocate resources efficiently, managers can optimize productivity and prevent burnout. This training fosters a better understanding of time management techniques, enabling managers to guide their teams toward improved efficiency and reduced stress. As a result, teams operate more smoothly, meeting deadlines with enhanced outcomes.
  • Spotting Signs – Manager training plays a vital role in teaching participants how to spot signs of various issues within their teams, such as declining performance, interpersonal conflicts, or even mental health concerns. By developing the ability to recognise these signs early on, managers can intervene proactively, addressing problems before they escalate. This fosters a healthier and more supportive work environment, leading to improved performance.
  • Effective Listening – Effective listening is a cornerstone of successful leadership. Through active listening techniques taught in our training programs, managers learn to engage with their team members, understand their concerns, and provide appropriate feedback. This cultivates open communication, trust, and empathy, which are essential for creating a positive and collaborative work atmosphere.
  • Support signposting – This involves recognising when an employee requires assistance beyond the manager’s scope and guiding them toward the right channels, whether it’s HR, a mentor, or specialised training. By facilitating access to support, managers will ensure that each team member’s needs are met, hence contributing to growth and success.
  • Wellbeing Action Plan – Manager training emphasises the creation and implementation of wellbeing action plans, designed to promote the physical and mental health of team members. We Are Wellbeing’s informed action plans incorporate strategies to manage stress, encourage a better work-life balance, and foster a supportive environment. Managers who undergo such training are better equipped to identify factors that might affect their team’s wellbeing and proactively take measures to mitigate them.

Management Training Webinars

In addition to our Management Training course, we have a series of individual webinars created specifically for line managers:


Managing Stress
60 minute webinar

Mental Health
60 minute webinar

Building Resilience
60 minute webinar

Supporting Wellbeing
60 minute webinar

See what our clients have to say:

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