Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire

Our favourite places in Yorkshire

1st August marks Yorkshire Day. As a business founded in Yorkshire, with strong regional roots, we’re proud to join in with the county’s celebrations!

We asked the We Are Wellbeing team to tell us a little bit more about their favourite spots in Yorkshire…

Andy Romero-Birkbeck, Founder and Director

There’s nothing like cycling along the Leeds/Liverpool canal, particularly passing the 5 Rise Locks in Bingley. Living in Yorkshire, it’s easy to be complacent about enjoying the countryside and our scenic walks or rides. It’s nice to take a moment to appreciate the surroundings.

Then there’s Coxwold, a village in North Yorkshire. My wife and I got married there so it’s one of the most special places in the county for me.

Sue Jones, Director of Wellbeing

I’m not born and bred in Yorkshire, so I’ve not got as much knowledge of the local areas. I’ve always wanted to visit the Yorkshire Dales, though! I hear the views are absolutely stunning.

Oliver Calvert, Head of Brand and Marketing

I got engaged at Malham Cove, so I have to mention Malham as one of my favourite spots in Yorkshire. It’s such a beautiful place to relax and go for a long country walk with my dog Harry – he loves the Dales! One of the best things about living in Yorkshire is we get to explore so many great hidden treasures. There’s always a green space somewhere to explore. Within an hour’s drive you can be within the hustle and bustle of a city, or having a picnic up on the moors in the middle of nowhere!

Matt Dickerson, Graphic Designer

There are loads of physical places I love visiting here in Yorkshire, but I’m going to go off-piste and say my favourite place in Yorkshire is online! I’m part of a really strong streaming community, full of local like-minded streamers. We mention the county constantly – we’re all very proud to be from Yorkshire and want to make sure people know that. 

Christopher Hulme, Associate Coach

If you need some time out, head up to Ilkley Moor for the fresh air, country views and feel good factor. The landscape is dreamy at any time of year, but a stroll on a clear day will really blow those cobwebs away. Top tip – the Cow and Calf pub across the road is a lovely family (and dog!) friendly venue with outdoor seating to take in the views.

Yorkshire cities mustn’t be underestimated, either. Whenever I’m in the city centre with friends who haven’t been to Leeds before, I like to cut through the Victorian Arcades. The architecture is stunning and acts as the perfect antidote to a grey-sky-day. When you’re walking through County Arcade, look up. The pointed arches, lancet windows and cast-iron Gothic roof are something to see.

Dom Haigh, Associate Coach

Personally I love Simon’s Seat in Wharfedale, North Yorkshire. It provides extensive views over the countryside and it’s a great place to pause and enjoy your surroundings when out on a long walk. Bolton Abbey itself is well worth a visit, too.

Keiran Fenwick, Social Media Manager

Sutton Bank National Park Centre in Thirsk offers some of the best views in Yorkshire. The local area is full of forests and woodlands, and amazing views over the moors. You’re only a short walk from the town, too, so you’re never too far away from a country pub!

There’s nothing better than going stargazing or watching the sunset at Sutton Bank. It’s a Dark Skies Discovery site so you get the best views of the stars. It really helps you appreciate the nature around you and how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area.

Where are your favourite Yorkshire beauty spots? Follow us on Twitter to let our team know!

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