Neurodiversity Training

What is workplace neurodiversity awareness training?

Neurodiversity awareness training is designed to increase understanding of neurodivergent experiences at work. The training provides insights into the unique strengths and challenges the workplace can create for neurodivergent individuals. We offer practical strategies for creating an inclusive workplace that leverages these strengths and accommodations that all employees ultimately benefit from.

Why is neurodiversity awareness training important in the workplace?

Neurodiversity awareness training is a key component in developing an inclusive, supportive, and productive workplace and is an investment in your organisation’s future. Our training aims to educate employees and managers about neurodiversity, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to support neurodivergent colleagues effectively and to create the conditions so all employees can thrive.

What does the neurodiversity training cover?

We offer a number of different neurodiversity training sessions which are suitable for different stages of your company’s neurodiversity journey.

At a high-level training will cover:

  • Understanding neurodiversity
  • Benefits of neuroinclusive organisations
  • Ways to create inclusive environments and teams
  • Ways to support Neurodivergent employees including disclosure conversations, coaching strategies and workplace adjustments.
  • Career development and advancement

Manager Training - Full Day

Building an awareness and understanding of neurodiversity in the workplace and how to best support and develop neurodivergent employees. This session will cover:

  • Recognition and appreciation of individual neurodivergent strengths and perspectives.
  • Effective communication and collaboration strategies.
  • Accommodation and support strategies.
  • Resources and case studies to work through.
  • Implementing best practice.

Neurodiversity Workshops – Half Day

  • Neurodiversity Awareness
  • Neurodiversity Action
  • Neurodiversity inclusion

Neurodiversity Webinars - 60 Min

  • Introduction to neurodiversity
  • Neuroinclusive recruitment & onboarding
  • Supporting neurodivergent employees across the employee life cycle
  • Neurodivergent wellbeing
  • Neurodivergent stress and burnout
  • Neurodivergent women
  • Neurodiversity coaching for managers and teams

Meet Liz

Liz is a Business Psychologist, Neurodiversity Coach and adult diagnosed ADHDer. Her work focuses on wellbeing, neurodiversity and neurodivergent wellbeing at work. She’s passionate about raising awareness on neurodivergent wellbeing and mental health experiences, and creating healthy, sustainable work practices and environments.