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Our top 7 reusable bottles

It’s officially summer! That’s great news for all of us who can’t wait to celebrate lockdown starting to lift. Most of us have developed a taste for outdoor exploring, appreciating the nature around us and enjoying a walk out and about.

However, whether you’re going for a picnic at your local park or exploring the moors, it’s important to stay hydrated. Always remember to take a water bottle with you, particularly during spells of warm weather.

The importance of hydration

Drinking enough water helps us to regulate our body temperature and keep our organs functioning as they should. Keeping hydrated also helps to energise your muscles – a must if you’re out walking in the summer sunshine.

Dehydration can have significant impact on your physical health – and its effects are instant. No-one wants to be caught on a long walk with no water when fatigue and headaches set in.

We’ve previously chatted about which liquids you need to drink to stay hydrated (sorry, booze and caffeine isn’t on the list!) The best way to ensure you get your recommended 8-10 glasses of fluid each day is to get into the habit of always having water on-hand. To do this, why not invest in a reusable bottle so you can always keep hydrated this summer?

Here are our team’s top seven favourite reusable water bottles…

  • Chilly’s

The range of sizes and styles makes Chilly’s a favourite choice for the fashion-conscious. It keeps hot liquid warm and cold liquid cool which is perfect for adventurers who want their ice-cold water to keep chilled all day!

  • Dopper

Dopper is a popular choice thanks to its broad range of bottle materials. Glass and stainless steel are available, but its original polypropylene bottle is light and durable. Perfect for popping in your backpack. It’s a slightly cheaper option than others on the market too.

  •  Memobottle

These stunning flat bottles provide a convenient way to stay hydrated on the go. The size of a notebook, they’ll slide into your bag without bulk – making it a commuter’s dream reusable bottle. You can rest assured you’re doing good when you buy a Memobottle too, as every bottle sold provides a person with clean water for two months thanks to their partnership with

  • LARQ

Spending over £70 on a water bottle might seem excessive, but these ingenious water bottles are self-cleaning. The UV-C LED light in its lid eliminates 99% of nasties, meaning you don’t have the struggle of effectively cleaning your bottle after use. There are a range of options available, too, so you can choose whether you’re after an insulated bottle or prefer a lightweight version.

  • Joseph Joseph Dot Water Bottle

Keeping a track of your hydration goals can be tough, particularly for those with a busy lifestyle. This great Dot Water Bottle displays a new dot every time you refill and close the lid, so you’ll never lose track of how much you’re drinking each day. It’ll encourage you to meet your goals and stay hydrated.

  • BRITA fill&go

Don’t waste time pre-filtering water when you set off. Instead, let BRITA take the reins. Their water bottle range filters as you drink through its MicroDisc filter, so you always have fresh tasting water with you.

  • Hydro Flask

These vacuum insulated bottles are one of the most popular on the market thanks to its drinking flexibility. You can choose a cap with a drinking straw, or a wide mouth to accommodate ice cubes. This mix and match option is great for people who want variety depending on what activity they’re doing.

Make hydration a key focus in your office

Most offices have filtered water available for employees. The water cooler is a standard office trope, after all. In the same way many businesses offer branded mugs as part of their induction packs, why not consider purchasing reusable bottles for your team members this summer? Brand them up so your employees become walking advocates for your business.

Providing reusable bottles is a great way to highlight the importance of hydration and encourage your employees to drink regularly throughout the day. This will have a positive impact on the way your team works, too, as staying healthy and hydrated keeps our mind more active and focussed.

To chat about the best ways to support your people this summer, get in touch with our team.

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