Siemens AGT and We Are Wellbeing webinars

The Background

Siemens have been a longstanding client of We Are Wellbeing. We have run more than 10 Wellbeing webinars for their AGT division over the last decade.

The Challenge

Siemens contacted We Are Wellbeing, asking if we could run some specific expert-run webinars based around Women’s and Men’s health. They advised that they had a lot of staff who were interested in gender specific health information.

The Solution

The We Are Wellbeing team got to work to develop six brand new expert-led webinars. The topics we included in the webinars spanned across both women’s health and men’s health.

Women’s Health topics covered include:

  • Hormones in teenage years all the way up to menopause
  • Balancing hormones & how they work
  • Short and long term effects of the pill
  • Fertility
  • Eating to support your cycle
  • Exercise around your cycle
  • Maximising performance and functioning
  • Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovaries

Men’s Health topics covered include:

  • Liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Testosterone
  • Normalising Mental Health
  • Encouraging Conversations

The Result

We delivered a set of webinars, much to the acclaim of the participants and Siemens senior management who wanted to deliver on their staff’s requests. The webinars, as well as providing education and hopefully improving the individual’s welfare, we also built up our bank of expert-led information.

Work With We Are Wellbeing

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