We Are Wellbeing is proud to partner with Thrive, a mental wellbeing app that helps users manage stress, anxiety and other mental health issues.

Stress is part of everyday life. We can’t avoid it, but we can build resilience and learn techniques to help us manage stress. The Thrive app helps individuals tackle common stressors such as sleep, bereavements, work issues and more.

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a social enterprise that provides an evidence-based solution for the prevention, screening and self-management of common mental health issues.

The app isn’t just for people with a mental health condition – it’s for every employee who wants to improve their wellbeing!

About the app

The Thrive app can be used to help you relax, build resilience and manage stress effectively. It supports individuals in taking better control of their mental health.

It helps users to prevent, screen for and manage common mental health conditions. Thrive signposts to external support services directly from the app so individuals can seek immediate help should they need it. As the app is completely confidential, employees are more likely to use the app honestly and personally, knowing their data remains secure.

With over 100 hours of content (and new content added monthly), it’s the ideal tool to help employers manage their mental health and wellbeing. The app includes:

Why use Thrive

The clinically effective app is the only NHS approved mental health app for corporates. Supporting over 2.3 million users across the globe. So you can rest assured you’re recommending the best tool to help your employees.

The benefits of Thrive

The app gives employees to access the valuable support they need without delay, allowing them to recover from mild anxiety and depression quickly. Research suggests that Thrive reduces recovery time by 50%.

As Thrive helps to boost recovery rates, it assists employees in returning to work sooner and reduces sickness absences. This reduces costs associated with staff turnover, presenteeism and absenteeism.

How Thrive can impact your wellbeing strategy

Thrive provides comprehensive and personalised management information data to enable your HR department to measure impact and recovery. Track the progress of your team and recognise what additional support they might need.

Though all data is anonymous, you’ll be able to discover:

This data will help you to measure the impact of the app and gain insight into your team’s wellbeing. You’ll be able to see trends, changes and improvements, and the data will also guide you when making strategic changes internally.

How Thrive can impact your wellbeing strategy

It’s easy to set up Thrive for your employees.

Thrive case study

A large corporate organisation wanted to help improve their employees’ wellbeing. By using Thrive, the employer was able to see that 20.3% of the 1,099 employees that used Thrive were suffering from depression and/or anxiety. After six weeks of using the app, 935 users reported ‘good’ mood scores consistently, and 41% of those affected by anxiety and depression went on to seek further help and support.

Within just six months, 93% of employees were classed as ‘well’ users. But that doesn’t mean “job done”. As we know, our mental health and wellbeing must be maintained and looked after. That’s why over 65% of those 1,099 users still use the Thrive app at least three times a week.

Due to quick detection and prevention of mental health issues, the employer was able to reduce costs associated with sickness absences. The money saved amounted to £60 per employee. A great result for the employer, and their team.

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