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Navigating post-Covid social plans

We Are Wellbeing’s Fitness and Nutrition coach Kathryn Brown runs us through her five essential tips to navigating social situations post-COVID. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we faced

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3 easy ways to bring meditation into your life

Rachel Letham, Associate Trainer at We Are Wellbeing, provides three tips on how to increase our mindfulness and reduce stress: World Meditation Day Meditation and mindfulness are the buzz words of the moment. World Meditation Day is on May 21st,

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3 Techniques for Managing Your Stress

Stress awareness and three techniques to help manage stress Stress is all around us and it’s not something that we can truly eradicate in our lives because one stressor to one person is another’s stimuli. Therefore, it is important to

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Achieving Better Sleep on #WorldSleepDay

How to Achieve Better Sleep Friday 18th March 2022 marks this year’s #WorldSleepDay. A day created to help raise awareness of the importance of looking after our sleep health. A vast quantity of the population suffer from poor quality sleep,

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Why is Gut Health and Hydration important?

Ask yourself this question.. How important is the spinal cord to us? If you answered with the word ‘very’ you would be correct. Dom Haigh, We Are Wellbeing’s new consultant, outlines the importance of maintaining a healthy gut and how

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How to start new habits for spring

Build new Self-Care habits in time for spring We all need self care at any stage of our life, but more at some stages than at others. Tapping into what we need at different seasons can help us nourish ourselves

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How to fall in love… with yourself

Falling in Love with yourself … A journey of self-love. “I tend to be most interested in the kinds of people who do not sweeten or dilute themselves for the sake of people’s taste. Who never soften the blow of

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How to get the kids to eat better

Healthy Foods equals Happy Eating, which equals Less Stress Our resident physiotherapist and musculoskeletal health and injury rehab expert, Matthew McArdle MA BSc(Hons), discusses how we and our children can benefit from a healthier diet and lifestyle. A survey conducted

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