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Navigating post-Covid social plans

We Are Wellbeing’s Fitness and Nutrition coach Kathryn Brown runs us through her five essential tips to navigating social situations post-COVID. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we faced

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Address your Stress in 1, 2, 3.

Finding the Balance Work schedules, family commitments and the general busy-ness of life can leave us all feeling overwhelmed at times. Compounded over weeks, months or longer, the constant juggle of work and life has the potential to turn into

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5 Practices to Boost Mental Health

October starts with World Mental Health Day on October 10th And although you might not necessarily think that mental health affects you, we all need to be aware of how our mental health can affect our view on life, our

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Embracing Eco Therapy

Do you remember the scene in the Shawshank Redemption where Andy played by Tim Robbins is visualising the calming waters of the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful golden beach in Zihuatanejo in Mexico even though at the time he was

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Suicide and Mental Health Blog

More than 700,000 people die world wide from suicide every year. Every suicide is a tragedy that affects families, communities and entire countries and has long-lasting effects on the people left behind. And according to the WHO, suicide was the

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Vitamin B12 and Winter

With autumn and winter just around the corner it’s that time of year when many people notice a drop in their mood, immunity and energy levels. While a healthy diet and regular exercise are both good ways to enhance health

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