Support and resources for the LGBT+ community

To celebrate Pride month this June, we’ve put together a list of online resources that may provide help, advice and support to those who need it. Advice and support for the LGBT+ community – Providing support and services for the LGBT+ community – An LGBT+ helpline – Support helpline for gender diverse […]

Rainbows and the LGBT+ Movement

Our Associate Coach and LGBT+ expert, Christopher Hulme, discusses the use of rainbows and its connection with the LGBT+ movement. It’s been really special to see so many houses decorated with handmade rainbow pictures and drawings in the midst of lockdown. These messages of community and hope adorn homes across the country and it’s not […]

The corporate connection

Businesses have long since capitalised on ‘the pink pound’, showcasing support for the LGBT+ community. Of course, this support is not entirely philanthropic, and businesses receive huge amounts of publicity from Pride parades and campaigns. There are around 4million gay people in the UK, most of whom are aware of Pride and participate in related […]

Supporting Pride in the workplace

Our Associate Coach, Christopher Hulme, provides expertise on how business professionals can ensure they create an equal and positive workplace environment. When I think about pride in the workplace, I think about the phrase we often use in HR and wellbeing circles: “Bringing your whole self to work”. This can be quite an odd concept […]

Staying connected with the LGBT+ community during lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic, and the resulting enforced government lockdown, has had a detrimental impact on many people. Individuals across the country have lost their jobs and businesses, been furloughed, separated from friends and family and distanced from the support and help they may need. Social services and other key organisations providing valuable support are under […]

How can the LGBT+ maintain a good level of mental wellbeing during lockdown?

LGBT+ expert and Associate Coach Christopher Hulme discusses the importance of maintaining good mental health during lockdown. The Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) recently published a policy paper detailing the impact of COVID-19 and calling on all governments to limit the repercussions of the pandemic within the LGBT+ community. It states: “Although the virus may seem […]

Why we’re celebrating Pride virtually

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many Pride parades, events and other activities have unfortunately had to be cancelled. Many members of the LGBT+ community are saddened and disappointed by these cancellations. Pride is not just an excuse for a great party (though it is a wonderful celebration of everything the community has achieved). It is […]

Top 10 tips to improve empathy in the workplace

9th June marks Empathy Day. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, empathy is: “the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s situation.” Put simply, it’s a way to understand and feel another person’s emotions. Empathy in the workplace is particularly important. It helps […]