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Navigating post-Covid social plans

We Are Wellbeing’s Fitness and Nutrition coach Kathryn Brown runs us through her five essential tips to navigating social situations post-COVID. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we faced

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Swapping the takeaway for a fakeaway

Over the last 18 months, there’s been rapid growth in the food delivery market, prompted by restaurant closures, some adapting to lockdown to provide online ordering, as well as the big chains delivering via online apps. The online food delivery

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Self Care with the change in season

Rachel Letham, Associate Trainer at We Are Wellbeing, discusses why self care is so important as we move into the autumnal months. Rachel also offers some self care tips to help keep yourself motivated and on track. September and the

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Why are relationships at work important?

We all know that work isn’t just about completing the tasks at hand. It’s about collaborating and sharing ideas, connecting with customers and doing great things for both your own development and for the needs of the business. People aren’t

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How to start socially reconnecting

Answer: By giving yourself grace and space The world is opening up, slowly we are emerging, like a beautiful butterfly who has spent too long in the chrysalis stage. If you’re feeling anxious about the idea of reconnecting with the

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